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Client FAQ

What's a freelancer? Who may subscribe?
We go by many monikers - independent professionals, self-employed, freelancers, contractors, consultants, soloists, free agents. To become members of, freelancers assert that they meet these requirements:

  • They or their business have no W-2 employees.
  • They work only for themselves, they are not an employee of another.
  • They are a sole proprietor, or own their incorporated business.
  • They are a one-person business, or partnering with one or two other freelancers. There are no more than three owners, officers, or partners in their business, and no employees.
  • They are not a recruiter or personnel placement agent.

What happens after I post a project?
Interested freelancers will reply directly to you. You review the responses you receive, and choose the qualified people you want to talk with further. You have no obligation to hire anyone, nor to say "no thanks" to the others.

Do I have to sign a contract with
No. Any contracting agreements will be between you and the freelancer you choose.

What if an employment agency or other non-freelancer responds?
Report them to the Lise Moderator. Then ignore the agency's response. Agencies are not allowed to be members of Freelance-Seattle.

Do I pay a marked-up rate for freelancers here?
The freelancer will bill you the rates you agree on, directly. does not add any fees to the bill.

Does the freelancer take a cut in pay to work for me?
No. Freelance-Seattle does not act as middleman or take a cut of anyone's paycheck.

Really? How do you do that? is a volunteer organization created and operated by freelancers. This is what sets us apart from freelancer agencies and job boards. We decided, upon founding, that it should be free.

Am I responsible for tax withholding and other employee-related issues?
Freelancers are self-employed professionals. As such, they are responsible for their own taxes, benefits, place of work, and tools--that's the general rule. There are, however, well-publicized cases where companies' extensive use of "contractors" has crossed the line into employment, complete with the burdens on the employer that come with that status. We don't like to say "maybe," but here it is-- Ask your HR director or legal counsel about your specific circumstances.

What if I don't like the freelancer, once they start?
Then you should let them know that immediately. You have no continuing employment obligation to your freelancers, other than any contracting agreement you may enter into directly with them. If you part ways, professional conduct in our field calls for freelancers to do as much as possible to help ensure a smooth transition of their projects to someone else of your choosing.

If I hire a freelancer on as a regular employee, do I owe a finder's fee?
No, does not charge any fees, even if you hire one of us away.

What does a typical project posting look like?
Here's an example...


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