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Support the network that supports freelancers. The suggested payment is $18.

Member FAQ

 > Becoming a member

What's a "freelancer?" Who may subscribe to fs-discuss?
We go by many monikers - independent professionals, self-employed, freelancers, contractors, consultants, soloists, free agents. To subscribe to, you must meet these requirements:

  • You or your business have no W-2 employees. (Exception: If you, as the business owner, receive a W-2 from your own business.)
  • You work only for yourself, you are not an employee of another.
  • You are a one-person business, or partnering with one or two other freelancers. There are no more than three owners, officers, and/or partners in your business, and no employees.
  • You are not a recruiter or personnel placement agent.

If you do not meet all of these requirements, then we ask that you do not apply to for membership, and do not respond to projects posted here.

How much does it cost to belong to
The suggested payment is less than $20 a year. Members are asked to pay via the Freelance-Seattle Honor System. The amount is up to each member, and can be as little as $5, or as much as you wish. Go to Honor System  at in new browser window

What will I get when I subscribe to fs-discuss?
When you subscribe, you'll start receiving e-mails posted by other members of this list. You'll also receive the project postings from fs-projects. Discussions and project postings are not an everyday occurrence. Don't be alarmed if you don't receive any messages for a while.

How do I change my e-mail address?
Go to this page and enter your e-mail address and password.
Click "Login"
There's a section for changing your address.
If you don't remember your password, there's an option to receive a reminder by e-mail. If you no longer have access to your old e-mail address, you can instead simply subscribe using your new address.

How do I unsubscribe from this list?
Use the Change button and supply your password where requested. If you just want to stop mail for a short while and you plan to return to the list, consider the Vacation Hold option, also under the Change button.

Is my e-mail address ever given to anyone else? does not share your e-mail information with anyone outside the organization. The subscriber list is not available to anyone except the list administrator. However, each message you send to the list will have your e-mail address in it.


 > Discussions

Please see the List Guidelines, too.

What are appropriate topics for this list?
Topics pertinent to freelancing and contracting are welcome on fs-discuss. Our topics range from business practices to dental insurance, from taxes to office supplies. If it has something to do with self-employment and the independent professional life, it's probably OK. With that in mind, use common sense to determine whether other topics would be welcome. Refer to the Guidelines for more specific information.

How do I post a message to the list?
It's as simple as sending an e-mail to this address: . Use a descriptive subject line.

How do I respond to a discussion?
Just hit the Reply button in your e-mail program, and your message will be addressed automatically to the list. The full group will receive your reply and have the opportunity to reply to it. If you prefer to discuss a message privately with the member who posted it, then change the address in your reply.

Why aren't I getting any messages?
Some days there aren't any, so if you're new, just wait another day or two. Other possibilities: Your spam filter might be trapping FS mail. If you use a challenge-response e-mail service, we don't respond to such requests, so it's possible your FS mail is being deleted. Vacation Hold, if turned on, must be turned off before you start getting messages again.

My messages are being held for review-- what's wrong?
Subscribers' messages go right through to the list without review. The most common cause of a detained message is that it was sent from an address other than your subscribed address. For example, if you subscribed using your home address, and reply to a message using your business e-mail, your message will be held for review. You can change your e-mail using the Change button.

The attachment on my message was removed--why?
Attachments are not permitted on fs-discuss. Many e-mail users are unable to process attachments.

This is too much e-mail for me-- is there a digest?
Yes. When you subscribe, you may choose either the every-message mode or the digest mode. If you are a subscriber, use the Change button to switch modes.

I just subscribed to fs-discuss -- is there an archive?
Yes, use the Archives button to log into the archives.

Can I get a computer virus from this list?
Viruses most often travel as e-mail attachments. Attachments are not permitted on messages to our lists. A special filter watches for suspicious messages and scrubs them (or deletes them) before they are distributed. You could still get a virus, of course. An antivirus software program is strongly recommended for any computer that is connected to a network, especially the internet.


 > Getting projects

What do I do if I see a project opportunity I want?
Reply privately to the client who posted the opportunity. Do not reply to the list, which is the default. (This trips up newcomers, so please don't send an "oops" message; if you see this happen, just ignore it.) Please also refer to the fs-projects FAQ before responding to project postings.

Can I promote my services on the list?
No. Here's why: All members of the lists are freelancers. There are no clients on these lists. None of the members are likely to hire you. Self-promotion annoys other members and, in that way, does you more harm than good. Instead, focus on networking with your fellow freelancers, and perhaps look for ways you can help each other out.

Can I post projects on
Yes, any member who knows of a project is encouraged to tell the client about, and even offer to post the project on their behalf. Read the Post a Project page for instructions. If you post the project, you'll receive the replies. If you're doing or pitching a project and need some help on it, this is the place to find the right person for your new team.

Are salaried job openings posted at
No. There are plenty of other job lists and sites.

 > Other stuff

What should I do if I feel someone is abusing the list or a member?
Abusive behavior is not tolerated. Report abusers to . If a member is abusing the list -- whether with spam, adult content, flames, or whatever -- they will be warned, or banned without warning. Abusive behavior is determined at the sole discretion of the list administrator.

Where was that interview with the founder of
Seattle 24x7 interviewed Denis Du Bois in March, 2002. BusinessWeek and Fortune haven't gotten around to it yet.



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