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Health Insurance for Freelancers

Americans usually get their health coverage through their employer. What are your options if you're a self-employed freelancer? The following compilation will point you to resources you can check out in your quest to find healthcare coverage for you and your family. We've also included comments from FS subscribers whenever possible.

Please use the links on the left to start your research. If you have corrections only, send an e-mail. If you have information to contribute, please share it on fs-discuss.


These pages were compiled in February, 2003, by volunteers. Thanks to

Steve Bennett, Bennett Computer Solutions , for compiling the data, and

Lorelle Smith, Websmith Pro Internet Services, for doing the page layouts.


February, 12, 2003
Puget Sound Business Journal

Bremerton health insurer to offer individual plans in King County

KPS Health Plans of Bremerton said Wednesday it will begin offering four health insurance plans for individuals and families in King County beginning March 1.

Full story:

Miscellaneous FS-Discuss Comments

Did everybody see the article on Working Today that was featured on Dan Pink's website? Apparently New York State has created rules that allow freelancers to aggregate together for group rates, something that other states do not yet permit.

What can we do to try to get Washington to pass similar legislation?

I have an insurance broker who "shops around" for my health insurance. I have changed insurance carriers almost every year because of the HUGE changes made from year to year. Some companies stop providing small employee policies, some stop doing business in Washington, some raise their rates so much that it isn't feasible to maintain the policy, and some change their benefits so much that they are no longer worth the premiums. I don't know how insurance companies stay in business except that they are ALL so bad that there is no real competition.

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