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Health Insurance for Freelancers

Premera (Blue Cross)

Our individual health-care plans offer a statewide network of physicians and other health-care providers, prompt claims processing and attentive customer service. With our Individual plans, people can choose the coverage that's right for them and their families and enjoy the protection they want. Our plans offer:

  • Flexibility to use the doctors or health-care facilities the member chooses.
  • Selection of benefit levels and deductible amounts.
  • * Options to use provider networks, saving money and reducing paperwork.

FS-Discuss Responses regarding this insurer:

Offers coverage to individuals in Seattle.

I'm also very happy with Premera. I'm paying for one, and I believe it's about $150 a month.

My rates, for self, spouse and kids, with Premera Blue Cross, are $548/month, going up to $673 this month. Coverage is $500 deductible. I'm pretty happy, but will probably up the deductible to $1000 to lower my rates from $670/month.

The insurance that I've been describing in this thread has been Premera Blue Cross; as names and ownership seem to change like clockwork. To add to the mystery, Premera Blue Cross has been sending announcements to insurees that it is planning to change it's status from nonprofit corporation to a publicly traded company. ~~I'd be interested in any thoughts on the implications of this for members, other than now expecting our fees to go in part towards dividends to shareholders (and salary jumps for executives no doubt), and perhaps also getting an infusion of investment.

~Editors Note: Info on status change available at:

* I use a premera blue cross ppo which considers me a business, with the same rates as they give employers with 20 or fewer employees. ~$568/month for self spouse & kids with a $1,000 deductible on catastrophic stuff, or $673 for $500 deduct.

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