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Health Insurance for Freelancers

Washington Software Alliance (WSA)

"The WSA, in partnership with AH&T Technology Brokers, has developed a complete employee benefits package for its corporate members (industry and associate level), providing an effective recruiting tool to help member companies compete with Fortune 500 firms for talented workers. Coverages offered include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Disability"

FS-Discuss Responses regarding this insurer:

My recent mail with next year's rates was devastating. Regence PPO used to cost me (and spouse) $780/month, which was difficult enough. However, in 2003 this will be $1,424. That's $17,000/year! The explanation is that the decline of the software industry and heavy claim usage has caused this.

As for the WSA insurance, Gwen, I imagine you could do much better on premiums by buying directly from a provider at this point. Just be sure to get pricing for a business group policy, not an individual policy. As a sole proprietor, you can get a group policy for a "group of one" (Regency and Premera offer these, perhaps Group Health does.) These rates are substantially better than rates for an "individual" policy (which is a personal policy -- something the insurance companies REALLY do not want to offer because they lose money on them.)

They do have a health plan for members, but when I checked into it a year or so ago, it was not available to sole proprietors.

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