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Support the network that supports freelancers. The suggested payment is $18.

FS Honor System

What's the FS Honor System? is paid for by its freelance members. Payment is voluntary -- each member decides how much to pay, and when. It's also anonymous. [ Make your payment... ]

How much?
The suggested payment amount is about $18 a year. The actual amount is up to you. You can pay as little as $5, or as much as you wish, as often as you like.

Do I pay when I join?
As the name "Honor System" suggests, you can subscribe to an FS list and decide later whether it has value for you. When you decide, use any "Donate" button to make an appropriate payment.

Are there any other fees or costs involved?
No. Freelance-Seattle does not act as middleman or take a cut of anyone's paycheck. Your Honor System payment is your only cost for participating in the Northwest's largest network of independent professionals. Clients don't pay any fees at all.

Really? How do you do that? is a volunteer organization created and operated by freelancers. This is one thing that sets us apart from freelancer agencies and job boards. Your Honor System payment covers our overhead and gives us some funds with which to enhance the services we offer.

How often do I renew?
The suggested payment is an annual amount. There's no billing process in the Honor System. It's up to you to keep current. You can pay a little bit every month or quarter, if you wish. When you get some good advice, or find a project, you're welcome to chip in a little more through the Honor System, any time you feel you've gotten some extra value from your FS membership.

What are the proceeds used for? is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers. Our revenues first cover the overhead costs, like hosting the web site, paying annual fees for our domain names, monthly ListServ costs, and so on. What's left over goes toward the cost of enhancing the services offered to our freelance members. As a member, you'll have plenty of input into the enhancements we make. More importantly, member payments make FS a self-sustaining entity, not reliant on charity for its future. That's good for all of us.

What does have to do with it? acts as an online financial service provider, operating the Honor System for us. You do not have to buy anything. They process our members' Honor System payments, securely and anonymously. We selected Paypal because of the security and privacy they provide. And, because so many people are already registered there, it's a quick process to make an Honor System payment.

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