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Posting a Project via e-Mail

Finding the right freelancer is this easy...

1. To post a project to the list, put your requirements in an e-mail message, address it to

fs-projects at

and send it just as you would an ordinary e-mail. See the tips below, for more guidance, or read the FAQ for answers to the most common questions.

2. Your message is approved by a volunteer list maintainer, then distributed to members on the fs-projects list.

3. Interested, qualified freelancers will respond directly to you. There are no fees for either party.

Tips for a successful project posting:

  • Please use a descriptive subject line. Examples:
    • Need package designer with food industry background
    • Need travel writer for online magazine
  • In the first paragraph, describe briefly what kind of freelancer(s) you want to respond, and what kind of project it is.
  • Then go into some detail, enough for freelancers to judge whether they are qualified to respond.
  • Include clear information about how and where to respond. E-mail is preferred, because freelancers can include resumes, URLs, etc. with their response.
  • Include your name and company name.
  • If your posting is very general, we'll ask you to be more specific about your project and requirements before posting them to the list.

Here's an example...



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