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Member FAQ

 > Becoming a member

What's a freelancer? Who may subscribe to fs-projects?
We go by many monikers - independent professionals, self-employed, freelancers, contractors, consultants, soloists, free agents. To subscribe to, you must meet these requirements:

  • You or your business have no W-2 employees. (Exception: If you, as the business owner, receive a W-2 from your own business.)
  • You work only for yourself, you are not an employee of another.
  • You are a one-person business, or partnering with one or two other freelancers. There are no more than three owners, officers, or partners in your business, and no employees.
  • You are not a recruiter or personnel placement agent.

If you do not meet all of these requirements, then we ask that you do not subscribe to, and do not respond to projects posted here.

What will I get when I subscribe to fs-projects?
When you subscribe, you'll start receiving project postings. Project postings are not an everyday occurrence. Don't be alarmed if you don't receive any postings for a while.

How do I change my e-mail address?
Go to this page and enter your e-mail address and password.
Click "Login"
There's a section for changing your address.
If you don't remember your password, there's an option to receive a reminder by e-mail. If you no longer have access to your old e-mail address, you can instead simply subscribe using your new address.

How do I unsubscribe from this list?
Use the Change button and supply your password where requested. If you just want to stop mail for a short while and you plan to return to the list, consider the Vacation Hold option, also under the Change button.

 > Getting projects

What do I do if I see a project I want?
If you're qualified for, and interested in, a project opportunity posting, reply only directly to the contact person as shown in the posting. Reply only once, and only if your skills meet the requirements. We recommend keeping your response short, including links to your web-based portfolio if you have one, and providing contact information.

Do I quote on the project when I respond?
No, fees usually are not discussed at this early stage. Wait until a mutual interest has been established. We do not want to become a place where clients price-shop; others have already tried that model on the web.

What then?
Do not expect a response from the client unless your qualifications interest them. They will typically receive from 5 to 20 responses to a project posting, and they are not obligated to respond to your message, nor to inform us that the need has been filled.

Do I have to pay a huge cut of my fees?
No. You should make a voluntary payment using the Freelance-Seattle Honor System, in an annual amount that is appropriate for you.

Does the client pay an inflated rate for my services?
No. They are your clients. They pay you your rate, directly.

Do I have to sign a contract with
No. Any contracting agreement will be between you and the client.

When I get a project through fs-projects, who's my employer?
If you're a member of fs-projects or fs-discuss, the assumption is that you are self-employed, with all the advantages, challenges and responsibilities that come with that status.

How often do I get paid?
That's between you and the client. As a general rule, frequent invoices (every week or two) keep the outlays small for the client, and help keep your cash flow healthy.

What if I don't like an assignment I've started?
Professional conduct is always encouraged. If you can't finish what you've started, then work with the client to make a smooth transition to another person. Do everything you can to reduce the impact on the client--your reputation, and the reputation of freelancers in general, are at stake.

What if a company wants to hire me full time?
We'll miss you.



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