East Alligator River, Kakadu National Park

The East Alligator River in Kakadu National Park is widely recognised as a biologically diverse and stunning location to explore.


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Visiting the East Alligator River in Kakadu

Kakadu has notable fishing spots, including those famous for catching barramundi, a well-known fish in the Northern Territory.

The East Alligator River offers opportunities for fishing and relaxation, catering to different preferences.

Visitors can launch from the boat ramps at Cahills Crossing and explore the East Alligator, where they can admire the epic escarpments, vast floodplains, and abundant wildlife. It is essential to be cautious of submerged stumps, sandbars, and crocodiles.

During the run-off season (February to April), the downstream section of the river is a prime location for barra fishing, as baitfish from the floodplain creeks are drawn into the river.

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A trip downstream to the mouth of the East Alligator River, spanning 70-80 km, offers a view of the open ocean and Kakadu's Kularri (Point Farewell), provided you have the time and suitable gear.

You can also enjoy fishing for reef fish and pelagic species such as golden snapper and blackfish in that location.

Proper safety equipment, a boat, and an adequate fuel tank are necessary for navigating coastal waters.

Activities at East Alligator River

East Alligator River Cruise


You can enjoy multiple cruises in the World Heritage landscape. An Aboriginal guide provides insight into the local Indigenous culture and the river's significance. The Crocodile Cruise allows you to see prehistoric reptiles in the murky waters. Whichever cruise you choose, you will see many wonders during your journey.


Ubirr and Nourlangie Rock

These two rock formations were once home to the ancient ancestors of the Indigenous people. The main attraction of these rock caves is the ancient illustrations on the walls. These drawings, preserved for thousands of years, are some of the oldest historical records. Visitors can gain insight into this ancient civilisation by viewing the drawings up close and listening to a guide's stories about their beliefs, history, and current situation.

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Walking Tracks

The region offers walking trails for visitors to explore in addition to cruising down the river. Lace up your walking shoes and follow the paths, passing picnic tables and lookout spots along the way. The Manngarre Rainforest Walk takes you through a lush monsoon forest by the river banks. Cahills Crossing has a viewing platform for spotting crocodiles from a safe distance. The Sandstone and River Walk is a longer, hour-long loop around Catfish Creek, billabongs, and sandstone ridges for a more challenging trek.


Visitors are advised to stay in the region after nightfall and camp at the safe Merl Campgrounds nearby. This camping area offers a chance to enjoy the lush bushland without the presence of predators or crowds. There is also a possibility of encountering unique animals that only emerge at night.