Go to the wilderness in Portland

Portland consistently draws in a new influx of visitors interested in nature.

Great ocean road

Visitors are attracted to the area for its large waves, marine wildlife, and rocky shores.

They enjoy the coastal elements, particularly in autumn and winter, regardless of the weather.

There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and accommodation options in the local area, making it easy to relax and unwind at night.

If you want an organised adventure, we recommend Great Ocean Road tours. This is an experience you will never forget!


Petrified Forest and Blowholes

From Portland, visitors can drive to Cape Bridgewater in just 25 minutes. The forest can be easily accessed from the car park at the end of Blowholes Road.

The formation consists of hollow tubes of limestone known as 'solution pipes', eroded over millions of years by rainfall. Some of the pipes reach heights of up to 20 meters.

Great South West Walk

The Great South West Walk is famous for walking enthusiasts seeking a close connection to nature. Spanning 250km through locations such as Portland, Cape Bridgewater, and Nelson, the trail follows the capes of Discovery Bay and traces the Glenelg River. While the entire trek offers a comprehensive experience, shorter sections can also provide a rewarding adventure.

Enchanted Forest

The 45-minute round-trip walk offers majestic views of the Moonah Tree canopy, ocean lookouts, and cliff formations. The pathway is surrounded by knotted trees, hanging creepers, and branches forming tunnels. Wildlife, such as sea birds, magpies, and black cockatoos, can be spotted along the way.



During the winter months, various species of whales can be observed near Portland, including Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales, Blue Whales, and Orca.


Observing Australian and New Zealand fur seals up close is an enjoyable experience for animal enthusiasts. A knowledgeable tour guide enhances the experience by providing valuable information about these playful creatures.

Water activities can take place either in or on the water


Surfers travel to this area to take on the deep swells, with breaks and waves stretching from Bridgewater Bay to Narrawong Beach to accommodate all skill levels.


Portland's shore dives cater to divers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced cave dive certified divers. The area's rich shipwreck history also provides opportunities for exploration.


  • Lee Breakwater Shore Dive
  • Crumpets and Pivot Beach Shore Dive are located in the same area.
  • North Shore offers boat dive opportunities.
  • Minerva Reef offers opportunities for both shore and boat dives.
  • The options for diving at Lighthouse Reef include shore or boat dives.
  • Experience diving at Cape Nelson Shore or by boat.
  • Portland Bay Reef offers exciting boat dive opportunities.
  • Lawrence Rock Boat Dive
  • The Nursery Boat Dive
  • Emily S Boat Dive
  • Saxon Reef Boat Dive
  • Cape Bridgewater Boat Dive

Great ocean road tours


Boats can be launched from the Narrawong boat ramp on the Surry River, which offers plenty of parking and easy vehicle access to the river.

Bridgwater Lakes is a freshwater lake with some shelter, and the best access point is the boat ramp at the Aquatic Club.

The Glenelg River offers vehicle access to various sites along its 75km length.