When should you visit the penguin parade?

The Penguin Parade on Phillip Island is a popular attraction. Visitors can watch little penguins waddle up the beach into their burrows at sunset, creating a cute and memorable experience.

Phillip Island

Learn more about the Little Penguins.

These tiny blokes are the smallest and, if you ask us, the absolute cutest penguins going around. They're little battlers who are just a smidge over 30 centimetres tall and tipping the scales at roughly a kilo. Their feathers are mostly a dark blue, with their tummies sporting a pale white. Most of their time is spent in the deep blue, chasing tucker all day. But, come nightfall, they shuffle back to dry land for a kip, steering clear of the more giant predators that lurk during daylight.

What is the time of year to visit the Penguin Parade?

The ideal time to visit the Penguin Parade is during the summer months of December to February. While the warmer weather is a plus, it is essential to note that it may also be busier due to school holidays.

The beach experiences lower visitor numbers during winter due to the colder weather and calm winds. This can make it a great time to enjoy the penguins without as much of a crowd. It is recommended to bring a raincoat for protection from the weather or consider upgrading to the underground viewing option for additional shelter.

What is the best way to reach the Penguin Parade?

The Penguin Parade on Phillip Island can be reached by driving yourself or booking a Phillip Island Day Trip from Melbourne, which is approximately a two-hour drive.

Participants in the tour will be transported from Melbourne to the Penguin Parade and back to the city once the event concludes.

Public transport options on Phillip Island are limited, so it may not be the most convenient choice for travel.

About Penguin Parade

Given these little fellas are out at sea about 80% of the time, laying eyes on them in the flesh is challenging. That's where Penguin ParaThat'ses into the picture. It's a top-notch spot, all beachfront, kitted out for folks to have a squiz at these famous little penguins as they return to their nests at dusk. The joint pulls in more than 3.5 million visitors a year, all keen to have a gander at these beauties doing their thing in the wild while keeping a respectful distance. Penguin Parade has a few different ways of watching, from your standard look-out to an underground view and even a fancy deluxe option.

When to Travel there

Phillip Island's a cracker of an island's time of the year, with these little penguins hanging about regardless of season or the weather. That said, considering Penguin Parade is an outdoor gig, picking the right time for your visit could save you from a chilly or soggy experience. The island enjoys a temperate climate - think chilly winters and warm summers, with the ocean breeze giving you a bit of how's your father throughout the year. Summer's a ripper if you'Summer's sunny days you're for hitting the beach or trekking through the bush. Winter's got its charWinter's’re up for brisk morniyou'red snug evenings by the fire - real romantic-like. But if you're planning a winter, it might be wise to check the weather forecast before you book your Penguin Parade ticket. Or, pack a raincoat and brolly to be safe.

Phillip Island Day Trip

What activities are available before visiting the penguins?

Phillip Island is an excellent destination for a day trip, offering scenic drives and various attractions.

Chuck yourself on a tour, and you won't have to worry about a thing for the day! Tours have a set agenda, which will change depending on your pick.

Some tours might take you to a wildlife park just outside Phillip Island before hitting the Nobbies, a stunning headland with views that'll knock your socks off. The Nobbies is chockers with things to see and is a must-do. First, you've got the Nobbies Centre, offering an interactive deep dive into Antarctic life. Plus, there's a boardwalk for an epic look at the Southern coastline. There's even a blowhole along the way, which, given the right weather, is a sight to behold. The cherry on top? Spotting some cheeky fur seals at Seal Rocks.

All up, swinging by the Penguin Parade when it's summer means you'll cop some warmer weather, and the little penguins will make their appearance later in the evening. If you rock up early, there's a cafe at the Penguin Parade and a few interactive bits and bobs to keep you entertained as you wait for the beauty of a sunset.